Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows

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Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows is the sequel to the first Sherlock Holmes movie that stars Robert Downing Jr. and Jude Law.  This film is not as mesmerizing as the first film, but it is very witty, and whimsical in its telling of Sherlock Holmes’s battle with his evil nemesis Professor Moriarty.  This time Sherlock Holmes is investigating a series of bombings that could potentially be laying the seeds for World War I. Although the story is grand and the characters are fun, the one thing I expect from Sherlock Holmes is awesome powers of deduction.  While watching the film, Sherlock’s power of deduction seemed more like convenient discoveries rather than logical reasoning centered on extreme genius. However, towards the end of the film when Sherlock is facing off against Professor Moriarty, you truly get to see his genius as he and Moriarty battle over a game of chess, but also the culminating events of the movie.  That final scene on the castle veranda between Holmes and Moriarty was awesome!

Jude Law continues to play a splendid role as Dr. Watson, Sherlock’s side kick, confidant, body guard and fellow investigator.  Robert Downey and Jude Law were able to save this film to me because they make their characters so entertaining and fun that I was willing to overlook some of the other issues I had with the film.  I was initially thinking a C+ for the film, which is a serious downgrade from the first movie, which was an A, however, as the movie progressed, it got better.  If you are in the mood for some laughs, hijinks and some quality action check out Sherlock Holmes.

Grade: B-


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