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Chronicle is a found footage film in the vein of Blair Witch and Cloverfield that follows the lives of three high school teens Andrew, Matt and Scott, who discover a meteor crater and obtain telekinesis, super strength and flying ability after a strange event that wipes out their memories of what happened.  One of the teens named Andrew films everything they do and he gets strong enough where he uses his powers to keep the camera filming hands free at all times.  As the story progresses along, the three teens powers grow and their pranks and pratfalls become larger and larger.  Andrew, the main character in this film is like an evil Peter Parker. He has an abusive father, very few friends and has always been ostracized from fellow teenagers in his community.  He doesn’t have a strong role model to tell him like Uncle Ben told Peter Parker that with “great power comes great responsibility”.  As the three friends become more and more powerful, Andrew becomes disillusioned with his life, friends and family and begins to spiral downhill mentally and emotionally.  This culminates in a showdown, which will only leave one super powered person standing.

The Chronicle of these events is the most amazing thing of I have seen this year! The Chronicle is a fresh take on the superhero genre, which makes the film even more up close and personal than your traditional hero movie fare.  Teenagers and adults alike will feel a personal connection to this film due to its realistic portrayal of high school kids who are suddenly given enormous powers.  The fight scenes seem like they would be happening right outside my window in the street.  The most awe inspiring part of the film to me is when the three friends learn how to fly and are up in the atmosphere flying and playing football.  Many may say this movie is stealing from Smallville or Heroes, but those shows didn’t even pop into my head to compare it to.  This movie is more like the Japanese anime “Akira” than anything else. All I can say is this film is amazing, funny, chilling and refreshing!

Grade: A

Roshawn: A

Kameron: A



  1. I took my sons to see this movie this afternoon. Joshua loved it and Drew told me it was okay. My take is similar to your reaction to the flick, Ron. “Chronicles” was original, innovative, creative, haunting and yet all so real. Imagine the teens Ron and I work with every day if they had these powers. Ironically, I know EONS of students from the three prototypes (like those from the “Breakfast Club”) depicted in this flick: THE Disassociated (weird, unaccepted, neglected, ignored, uninspired, unmotivated, unloved, abused, etc.), THE Brain and THE Jock. I found the reaction of these three teens to unexpected, inherited super powers to be extremely realistic. Of course there will always be at least one person unable to handle the power, but the reasons, as displayed in the movie, are far from simplistic. The “disassociated” kid was portrayed brilliantly as the outcast that is prevalent in any real-world setting especially today’s high schools. His reasons for being on the outside looking in were many: abusive father, dying mother, bullying peers and disassociation with normal expected behavior. These topics were so TRUTHFUL and HONEST and GUT WRENCHING. The young actor hit the mark perfectly as well. Perhaps viewers of this flick will feel that the story is a tad predictable. However, the world does have its absolutes. Human nature is flawed, yet not always easy to depict with truly realistic emotions, and actors able to convey such heart-on-your-sleeve feelings are rare. This flick worked because it did capture the angst, emotions, issues and cruelness of America’s inhabitants as well as the world in general. Ultimately, one character was inspirational in this flick for illustrating society’s NEED for reasonable rules, unflinching love, inherent compassion and selfless forgiveness. What more can be asked of a movie? Kudos to the cast and crew of this highly original movie!

    My Grade: A-


  2. Well said Jay. I agree with you completely. The characters portrayls were very real to me. Seeing the disassociated kid reminds me of the students we don’t reach and they don’t graduate, get into trouble or get expelled. If only someone could have intervened, someone he could trust. That is what he needed. That is why developing relationships with kids is so important.


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