Safe House Movie Review

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Whew! The 2012 movie season has kicked off with a bang with some awesome feature films. Last week Chronicle, now this week Safe House. Safe House is an action espionage thriller that is filled with constant mayhem and destruction.  Oh yea, and it stars the lady favorite Denzel Washington.  Rahesha sat through the whole movie with a big o’l smile on her face.  The film starts with battles and ends with battles. Some of the fighting scenes were some of the most intense I have seen in awhile.

The storyline basically revolves around a bored CIA agent named Matt (Ryan Reynolds), who is in charge of a safe house in South Africa, where nothing happens, until one day a CIA interrogation team brings in the CIA’s rogue agent Tobias Frost (Denzel) in for a little questioning.  All hell breaks loose and Matt is on the run pursing Frost.  That is all I am going to give you for the story because that is all you need when going into this film. You rarely get to pause for breath in this film, there is very little down time.  Although this film was a great action spectacle, there was a little predictability when it came to the espionage piece, which allowed me to figure things out pretty quickly.  Regardless, if you want to get into an action picture filled with explosions, gunplay, car chases and Denzel strutting his stuff on screen, then go see Safe House, it’s worth it!

Grade: A

Rahesha- A+


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