The Avengers Movie Review

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SMASH! BANG! ZOWY! POW! The Avengers Movie finally leaps onto the big screen after some cool lead in movies, like Iron Man, Thor, CaptainAmericaand the Incredible Hulk. Wow, I thought they would never pull it off, but boy did Marvel do it.  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have made it to the big screen and the film doesn’t disappoint.  There are plenty of heroic action and laughs in this superhero adventure that will have you scrambling for popcorn as you watch all of these cool characters come together to save the world.  The story is very simple.America’s top secret spy organization called SHIELD assembles, CaptainAmerica, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow to battle an invasion led by Thor’s brother Loki.  In a nice bit of continuity and creative writing, the writers of the movie weaved in elements from the original movies of the four superheroes to create a nice team building film.   The heroes originally have some conflict, but in the end work together to fight the good fight.  The interaction and relationship between all of the characters in the film, including the villain with the heroes was awesome.  There were some flaws in the film, but nothing to really detract from it.  I had some issues with the Hulk and his motivation for his final transformation, but it was not a deal breaker.

Of course one of the question marks in the film was the actor Mark Ruffalo who was the only actor not to have starred in one of the original hero movies. Many people were upset that Edward Norton was removed as the actor of the Hulk, which interfered with the continuity and suspension of disbelief factor when the Avengers came out. Although Ed Norton was missed, we all came to see the big green guy, not Dr. Bruce Banner.  Sorry Mr. Norton no offense.

Now is the Avengers the greatest superhero movie of all time? Does it live up to the hype? Yes and no.  It has all of the elements of a great superhero movie and it hits all of the right notes, but it didn’t grasp me emotionally like X-Men First class, Spiderman 2, Batman: The Dark Knight or the Incredible Hulk. Sometimes I think writing these movie reviews actually lessens my experience because I start to pay too close attention to the details. I enjoyed the film and I even spent the extra money to see it at night! LOL! This is a good film to see, and I will definitely add it to my collection at home.

Grade: B+



  1. Biggest Flaw in my opinion… When IronMan told Hulk it was great to finally meet him. Wait a minute… Remember the scene at the end of one of the Hulk fiasco flicks? Or was this a cruel joke since the Hulk was played by three different actors. And by the way, Ruffalo was the best actor of the three… I agree that it was awesome that they incorporated story lines from all of the movies, but I was totally surprised that the Thor movie trumped the plot. More explanation needed on the invaders don’t you think???????? The humor was awesome and it was placed perfectly into the movie… The Hulk punching Thor was spot on hilarious. The action was too much special effect and not enough tension with edge of your seat thrills though… In fact, the action was the weakest aspect of this rather well acted comic con!

    My Grade: B-

    My boys loved it more than me though….



    Favorite line: But he was adopted!!!! Still laughing days later over that one…


  2. I agree with your thoughts on the lack of a story for the invaders and I thought I was a little off when I gave it a B+ and everyone else is giving it A+++, you have helped me realize that I wasn’t being too harsh on the film. LOL! Yes, Avengers had much more humor than I anticipated. The adoption line was a classic, the Hulk punching Thor line was great, but what stole the show for me was when Loki was pontificating and Hulk smashed him all over the place. The expression of Loki’s face was priceless and had me laughing for hours. I was fine with the special effects, but the flying worms in armor at the end and the battle scenes with troops flying out of the Tesseract portal was very similar to the final scenes in Transformers 3. Kameron didn’t go because he was afraid of the thunder, when I went on Friday night.


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