Battleship Movie Review

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Battleship is a standard alien invasion movie that is actually based on the board game of the same name. It is nowhere near as exciting to me asBattle: Los Angles, but it adds it own creative mark to the alien vs.U.S.military movies that I have grown to love over the years.   The premise of the movie is simple. The aliens become aware of Earth after we send a powerful radio signal to an Earth like planet in a part of the galaxy that is far, far away.  Six years after sending the signal, a small fleet of five alien spaceships land in the Earth’s oceans.  When the aliens arrive, it happens to be during a series of joint naval exercises between theUnited   StatesandJapan. The aliens erect an electromagnetic dome around their ships andHawaiiand three naval destroyers are caught on the inside of the alien bubble shield. A game of cat and mouse commences, as the aliens duke it out with the destroyers, and at one point, the heroes of the naval vessel Paul Jones (Name after my brother…lol) use a series of strategies that are used in the board game Battleship to can an advantage over their foes. The aliens also cause some destruction on the Hawaiian mainland and try to commandeer the communications station where the signal originated from because their communication ship crashed upon Earth entry.  Battleship has not really added anything new to the aliens vs. Earth movies, but is a fun ride and has some cool action sequences. Is it better than Avengers? Heck no! It’s not even better than Independence Day, or the Transformers in my opinion, but I enjoyed watching the film.

Grade: B

Rahesha: B+ (Rahesha actually asked to see this one! What is the world coming to?!)

Kameron: A



  1. I just saw this flick Friday and although it was totally outlandish, it has become my favorite summer movie. I have no idea why this movie worked for me, but I found it completely entertaining. My grade: A-


  2. Loved the local talent they used for Hawaiian flare. The beast actor John Tui is from New Zealand and i was told the cop actor Benjamin Lloyd is a real cop in Hawaii. Loved it gave it a A- but love avengers better LOL


  3. I a definitely surprised by the high grades! The movie was panned in the United States another curse of Taylor Kitsch. Did you see John Carter?


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