Prometheus Movie Review

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Prometheus…Every since Ridley Scott the famed director of the original Alien and Blade Runner movies announced that he was making this film, people have speculated on whether it was the prequel to Alien or some new take on the sci-fi genre that would amaze movie patrons for generations to come.  Well to me Prometheus is a prequel to the terrifying original Alien movie. Prometheus is the story of a group of scientists who discover pictographs in various unrelated cultures throughout human history that depict giant humanoid beings that humanity worshipped.   Based on the recent discovery, and advanced stellar mapping, the location of the alleged home world of the “Engineers” is discovered. A space expedition is organized and the scientist and their crew gallop off into the nether reaches of space to meet the makers of human kind.

The journey and the experiences that the scientists face in the film are tense, but I was never given that overwhelming sense of awe or terror that I was waiting for.  I do admit that there were a couple of scenes that made me squirm, but I do have a passionate dislike for worm type aliens. LOL!  Don’t get me wrong, Prometheus is a good film that answers some questions in relation to the original Alien film, but I didn’t see much new ground being established in filmmaking or the story line.  The visuals in Prometheus were definitely breathtaking however.  Prometheus is a solid film that fits in well in the Alien movie mythos, and is a worthy addition to the franchise.

Grade: B


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