The Amazing Spiderman Movie Review

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spidermanRebooting Spiderman already? Come on give me a break, it has only been 5 years since the last movie, Spiderman 3. Well let me tell you web slingers something, in this case a reboot was justified. The new Spiderman movie is amazing! Yes this is a reboot origin story, with a different take on the original movie, but this movie definitely stands on its own webbed feet.  Think of it as an alternate Spiderman universe, and you will be fine.

I have to admit that this film is a lot more fun than the first three movies, although Spiderman 2 is still one of my favorites. Everything in the film has been updated for all of you web heads out there, from cooler costume, web throwers and CGi effects to story line.  The thing I do like about this quasi reboot is that they introduce a new villain who was actually referenced in the previous Spiderman films by a character cameo.

If you are a Spidey fan or a non-fan, this is still a fun movie that is well worth the price of admission.  Now the $20 question…was it better than the Avengers? Roshawn put it best when he said you can’t compare the two movies, however, I will say that story wise I liked Spiderman better, but action wise the Avengers takes the cake.  Since these superheroes share the same universe, I would love to see some crossover action in the future.

Three cheers to the Amazing Spiderman, who can do whatever a spider can! Spins a web any size, catches thieves just like flies, look out here comes the Spiderman! LOL!

Grade: A

Roshawn: A

Kameron: A



  1. What made this movie work was an amazing cast (including Sally Field and Martin Sheen). Andrew Garfield blew away Tobey’s original performance. I have been a fan of Garfield since his amazing performance in “The Social Network”. He depicted the role of a young teen dead-on in Spider Man. Additionally, Emma Stone (my favorite female actress for the past two year) was exceptional. You have to check out “Easy A” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love” if you have any doubt about her amazing acting skills. She almost made “The Help” watchable. Well, almost! When Garfield and Stone were on the screen at the same time, the chemistry was gonzo freakin hot. Yowza!!!! The story worked really well, but without these two thespians, there would not have been a good enough reason for the reboot of the series.

    Unfortunately, the villain in this movie was lacking compared to my favorite in Spider Man 2. I was willing to overlook this small flaw though because this revamp gave us what most of these movies tend to miss; a character driven story. When a movie can grab your emotions enough to make you laugh and cry, it has to be doing something majorly right. Bravo!

    Jay’s Grade: A-


  2. I agree completely Jay! The chemistry between Garfield and Stone was amazing! I wanted them to make it and be together forever! They just had that look when they were together that made me believe in them. I to liked Garfiled’s performance in the Social Network and Stone in the Help. They are great actors, and this movie was a nice surprise!


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