LOOPER Movie Review

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looperI have said it often, and I have said it loud, I don’t like time travel movies because they always create a time paradox where the events have to keep occurring over and over and over without end. The Terminator movies, Time Cop and all of the other time travel movies and shows have never been able to avoid this problem.  LOOPER comes along and creates a very unique way of eliminating the time paradox and developing an exceptional story that is full of suspense, surprising mystery and hard cold calculated decision making.

To keep the story simple without giving too much away, LOOPER takes place in a world where criminal organizations send their victims back in time to be killed because it is hard to hide bodies in the future.  LOOPERS are the assassins that are hired to kill the victims sent back in time.  In the future, when a LOOPER is retired, the criminal organization sends the LOOPERS older self back in time for the LOOPER to kill, so it closes the loop and avoids any time paradox.  Are you confused? Don’t be, the movie does a better job of explaining it.  All you have to know is that the main character, a LOOPER named Joe is put in the position to kill his older self and all hell breaks loose.

This movie is an exciting action filled film that has a touch of sci-fi related gore, but nothing that will make you loose your lunch.  The story line is also fantastic and was much better than anticipated.  You will not be disappointed with this film!

Grade: A



  1. Although I need to watch it again to make sure I understood every detail, I rank this one of the best movies of the year so far. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was remarkable as he convincingly embodied Bruce Willis. Gordon-Levitt is one of my favorite actors and this could be my favorite performance of the year. Bruce just had to be Bruce, but Joseph had to become Bruce. Wow! Great movie!

    My Grade: A


  2. I concur. I am surprised at a lot of the negative comments about the film and its low ticket numbers. People are missing out on a good one. I too like Levitt, the first film I saw him in was GI Joe.


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