James Bond: Skyfall Movie Review

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skyfallMy buddy Rob Goonan and I decided to hang out tonight and take in a little Mexican food at El Rodeo, and then go and see the new 007 movie that was hitting the big screen.  Although Rob almost didn’t make it to the movie due to a choking incident involving a taco, he was able to save himself due to his explosive coughing maneuver, which unfortunately showered me with his taco meat.  Needless to say, I didn’t quite finish my meal! LMBO! (Laughing My Butt Off!) Anyway on to the review!

Bond…James Bond is back! Bond has a new adventure out this weekend after being in the “License to Kill” business for 50 years! The new Bond movie titled “Skyfall” harkens back to the old style Bond films, like “From Russia with Love” and “Gold Finger”, which were solid espionage style films with sprinklings of action to keep you wanting more.  Skyfall is Daniel Craig’s third outing as 007, and it ranks right up there with some of the best Bond movies.  Skyfall is a movie about betrayal and revenge and is by far the most intimate of Bond movies.  You won’t have to worry about annihilation of the world or billion dollar ransoms in this film.   In Skyfall James Bond faces his own mortality while also trying to protect his “Mum” aka M the leader of the British Secret Service Intelligence Agency MI6.  Along his journey he faces off against a man much like himself, who has made different choices in life, which has led to the tragic position that Bond and M find themselves in.  One thing I can say about Daniel Craig’s Bond is that you learn more about him as a person and what drives him than any other Bond film.  I know Bond can’t die, but he can be hurt, physically as well as emotionally.  You rarely see that in the other Bond movies.

This new James Bond film is a fun adventure, that subtlety and at times overtly makes references to the Sean Connery Bond movies of the 60s.  If you are a fan of 007, then this will be a good one for you.  If you are new to Bond, then this would be a very good starter film for you.  In my book Daniel Craig is 3 for 3 with his Bond films.  He is my definite number two behind Sean Connery.  James Bond is still a killer with class and I will be looking forward to more Bond adventures.

Grade: A-

Rob Goonan: An Enthusiastic B+ (The movie was light on action, but the old school references to the old Bond     films made the movie worthwhile.)


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