Red Dawn Movie Review

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Red_dawnIt took 5 days for me to write this movie review, so you can see how excited I was about the film. Red Dawn is a remake of the original Red Dawn movie, except they replaced the Soviets with the North Koreans.   The premise of the story is the same as the original. The North Koreans, along with the Chinese and Russians invade the United States.  The “Axis of Evil” is able to pull off this attack by using a new EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) weapon that shuts down the American Military.  The North Koreans invaded the North West of the United States.  A group of high school kids and a young marine ban together to fight back against the invaders.  This may seem implausible to people here in the United States, but if you keep tabs on the news and talk to some vets you will see that in the Middle East and in Africa young people pick up weapons and fight quite frequently.

Despite the interesting premise, this Red Dawn is not as good to me as the original.  The North Koreans have very large  holes in their security, which allows the high school kids who are called “Wolverines”, which is their high school mascot to move in and out and launch raids at will.  I had a hard time believing the North Koreans would have such lax security.  This really made it hard for me to enjoy the film because they made the North Koreans seem so dumb, that I spent most of the movie planning how I would have stopped the kids.  Its been years since I have seen the original, but maybe it is just as bad as this one, now that I am older and actually use my brain to analyze these types of things! LOL!

Save your money and see the original Red Dawn or catch this one on HBO.

Grade: C-

Kameron: A-: Kameron loved it.


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