Django Unchained Movie Review

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djangoDjango is a modern day western brought to you by Quentin Tarantino, complete with all of the blood, guts, gore and profanity that you will see in Quentin’s films.  The film stars Jamie Foxx who plays Django “The D is silent!” a slave in Texas in 1858 who is freed by Dr. Schultz a former dentist and now bounty hunter who is searching for a trio of wanted brothers, so he can secure the reward for their capture.  Django can identify the trio, so Dr. Schultz frees him to assist him.  In return for his help, Dr. Schultz promises to free Django when the job is done.  During the course of their budding bounty hunter tag team, Dr. Schultz learns that Django is married.  Dr. Schultz agrees to help Django find and rescue his wife from wherever she is being held as a slave, and so the adventure begins.

Django is a marvelous western movie that gives the movie viewer a retro epic style feel that one would see in cowboy movies of the fifties and sixties, with a twist of Quentin Tarantino throw in to add that quirky flavor to the movie going experience. Since this movie takes place during the slave era, be prepared to hear racial epithets throughout the film.  The N word is used quite frequently, so be mentally prepared.  Tarantino has never been shy about using that word in his films, but in this case it makes sense.

Jamie Foxx steals the show in this film because he is a bad brotha and as Dr. Schultz says, “the fastest gun in the South!”  Jamie truly captures the barely suppressed rage that Django felt as an enslaved African American who not only was treated as an animal, but had to watch his wife be used and abused for the pleasure of others.  Jamie does a good job of playing a true tough guy, while bringing very briefly some lighthearted moments in the film.  Django is a gunslinger that I would put against “The Man with No Name” himself.  Leonardo DiCaprio plays a good villain in the film, and Samuel Jackson brings his “A” game as the Head House slave and Uncle Tom.  His scenes are disturbing, true and funny all at the same time.

Now I am going to be quite honest, this film will not be for everyone.  This movie is very in your face about the issues of slavery and the atrocities that were committed during the era of that “Peculiar Institution”.  Some people will not want to see it because it will make people feel uncomfortable. Others won’t like it because of the violence or the language, and still others may not like Tarantino’s style of filmmaking.  It took multiple viewings before I could even sit through and then truly appreciate the awesomeness of Pulp Fiction.   Either way Tarantino definitely shows the brutality of the time period while making fun of the Southern heritage at the same time.  To me he pulled off the mix of cowboy, slave, love and humor story quite well.

I thought Django: Unchained was a darn good movie!

Grade: A


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