Olympus Has Fallen

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olympus 1Well folks my summer movie season has officially begun! My first movie of the New Year wasn’t even on my movie queue.  I have never heard any rumblings about Olympus Has Fallen until I saw the trailer when watching Django: Unchained.

What are you getting with Olympus Has Fallen? Combine elements of the climatic battle in Scarface, with the action scenes from the Rock, minus the humor, and sprinkle in the White House destruction seen in Independence Day add a dose of Air Force One the movie, Line of Fire with Clint Eastwood and Die Hard, and you have a good idea what Olympus Has Fallen is all about.  This film makes no bones about what it is and what it is trying to accomplish.  The White House is attacked, the President has been taken hostage, and a top notch Secret Service agent goes in to save the day, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.  A whole lot of bullets and carnage are unleashed in an effort to repel the invaders and take it back from the very same invaders.

Is this film believable? Does it have some plot holes? Sure, but who cares? This film is all about the action, fighting, explosions and the “What if?” scenario. If President Obama sees this film, I am sure he will be asking his national security and military advisors to double check the White House defense plans.  This movie does make you think, if the safest place on Earth isn’t defensible, then what about the rest of us?

Although this film borrows from its predecessors that I mentioned above, it doesn’t seem like a tired retread film. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and the characters. I may have made a few different choices if I would have been in charge, but then again easier said than done.

I believe this early summer action blockbuster flick has kicked off the movie season with style. It provided me with what I needed most. ENTERTAINMENT!

Grade B+



  1. Nice review Ron. When the movie ends, chances are you probably won’t be left with a feeling that you just watched some amazingly unique, but there are bits of fun you will like.


  2. Thanks. I agree it was fun. I can’t wait to compare this film to the upcoming White House Down. Which one will be better?


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