GI Joe: Retaliation

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snake eyesI was so looking forward to seeing GI Joe: Retaliation, I thought the first one was fun, entertaining and truly created the world of GI: Joe.  Unfortunately, GI Joe: Retaliation falls far short of the original.  This movie is dull and lacks exciting characters that standout, which is sad considering the GI Joe universe is filled with colorful and exciting characters. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes were the only characters that brought some life to this film, and Snake Eyes doesn’t even talk.  This film felt awkward and seemed much smaller and cheaper than the original.  Now I know how to separate my films, so I am not putting it in the same class as Olympus Has Fallen, this is a movie that was made for pre and young teens, but I would think they would be disappointed in this film compared to the last one. Save yourself some dough and catch it at the Red Box or on Net Flixs.

Grade: D


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