Oblivion Movie Review

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oblivionOblivion is an intriguing, sleek, and sexy sci-fi, adventure thriller that takes place on planet Earth.  In the year 2017, an alien race named the Scavs invaded the Earth after destroying the Moon.  Although humanity is able to defeat the Scavs, the Earth is virtually destroyed and humanity is forced to leave the planet and live on Saturn’s moon Titan.  Fast forward 60 years, and Jack Harper is a drone repair technician who is stationed on Earth to repair combat drones that guard gigantic floating machines that are siphoning the ocean water, which will be transplanted to Titan, one of Saturn’s moons where humanity has assembled after defeating the Scavs.  He is on the planet along with his co-worker and lover Victoria.  As far as they know, they are the only humans on the planet, and their sole mission is to keep the combat drones operating, so they can protect the water refineries from the remaining Scavs on the planet.  Jack is fascinated by the ruins and history of his planet, and he constantly goes off mission to explore various ruined cities that he comes across, and this is what gets him in trouble.

I am going to end it there because this movie is full of surprises and unexpected events. I have to admit I was taken completely by surprise with the reveals in this film.  The movie has very cool visual scenes, and Jack and Victoria live in the coolest modern home that I have every seen! Think the Jetsons and then imagine swimming in a see through swimming pool 400 feet in the air! Awesome!  Oblivion will give you your fix of action, romance and some fabulously executed flying scenes in a cool copter/plane, but it’s the mystery surrounding the events that Jack Harper faces that makes this film good. There are definitely some nods to some classic original Star Trek episodes and movies, but you won’t realize it until the movie is over, and only if you are a Trek geek like me.

This is my favorite movie of the year so far.

Grade: A+


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