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42-movieI must admit I am not much of a fan of biopic movies, nor am I a fan of baseball any longer. As a kid I loved the Dodgers, but with the advent of free agency and mass player movement, it was hard to be loyal to a team that had players changing every year. I had seen the previews for 42, and although it looked good, I put it on my catch it on cable TV list. I am not one who usually goes to the movies to see biographies.  It wasn’t until my mom called and told me that I had to see it and with my family that I decided to go and see it. My mom was already batting a thousand, when she had recommended the movie Courageous for my family and I to see. Did you like the baseball reference?

42 in a nutshell, is a well made historical biopic that gives life to the trials and tribulations of Jackie Robinson and his quest to integrate baseball under the guidance of the Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey.  Faced with racism within and outside the Dodger organization and Major League Baseball, Jackie Robinson makes his debut and demonstrates that he could not only play baseball, but dominate, which paved the way for the full integration of Major League Baseball.

42 is a great movie that allows the viewer to experience and see what Jackie had to endure to accomplish such great feats. His dependence on God and love of family gives him the will power to face horrible odds and thrive.  Having a strong wife by his side Rachel Isum played by Nicole Beharie also played a role in his ability to manage the stress of not only playing baseball, but the racism he faced.  The filmmakers also do a great job of fleshing out all of the other people in the film, so we can see exactly where they are coming from be they supporters or haters of Jackie Robinson.  Harrison Ford played a tremendous role in this film as the owner Branch Rickey.  I am sure he will be getting nods for an Academy Award for this film. Chadwick Boseman who plays Jackie Robinson played a heck of a role and delivered a great performance as a man who loved baseball, but struggled to turn the other cheek, even though he did.  His scene in the dugout after the string of racial epithets the Phillies manager laid on him was powerful and unforgettable.

42 is a great movie to see, especially with your family.  This film is not just about racism, but about the love of baseball and a good player. Watching this film actually reminded me of why I used to like baseball in the first place. You will have a good time with 42.  Throughout the movie people were laughing and enjoying the film.  When the movie ended, everyone in the audience clapped.  My mom is still batting a thousand.  You can’t go wrong with 42!

Grade: A

Rahesha: A+

Kameron: A

Ethan (Kameron’s Buddy): A


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  1. I am so pleased to hear your mom continues to bat a thousand! I agree; the movie models the character, courage, and commitment of Jack, his wife, Rachael, and Branch. What an inspiration for our young people and adults as well.


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