Iron Man 3 Movie Review

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imagesIron Man 3 is a solid rockem sockem improvement over Iron Man 2, and a worthy successor to the Avengers movie.  Iron Man 3 is filled with more Tony Stark quips, cool Iron Man suits, good story and a unique take on a villain.  The trailers didn’t spoil this fun adventure, which they tend to do with summer blockbusters.

Tony Stark aka Iron Man is on the trail of a new villain called the Mandarin, who is a terrorist in the vain of Osama Bin Ladin who is claiming responsibility for various bombings, while all the while threatening to take out the President of the United States. You would think after his battle with an alien armada that Stark would be able to take out this Mandarin, a human of all things with no problem. Unfortunately, Stark is suffering from a little Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which hinders his abilities and provides for some entertaining interactions with various characters throughout the film. Sprinkle in some cool action sequences and the War Machine, excuse me Iron Patriot, and you have the ingredients for a good superhero movie.

If you have fallen in love with the Marvel Movie Universe and their unprecedented movie to tie all of their superhero movies together, then you will not be disappointed in Iron Man 3. The film does not ignore the events that took place in the Avengers and addresses them frequently in line with the current story.

Iron Man 3 is not a perfect movie, and at times it seemed to move a little slow, but that is because they made a movie, not just an action superhero flick.  I did have a problem with some of Stark’s decisions, especially with the alien threat hanging over the Earth’s head after the events of the Avengers. Stark made a rather fool hardy decision at the end of the movie that just didn’t make any sense.  The very end of the movie has a cool comic book style montage that you should stay to see, but the now standard end of the credits clip is not worth the extra 10 minutes waiting to see it, but it does bring us some interaction between a member of the Avenger Family and Stark. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and I was caught completely off guard by a character in the film, which led to some very funny moments.

I ironed on an A- for this adventure!  I have been very impressed with the movies I have seen so far this year.

Kameron: A


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  1. Hey Wabbit! Dad here. I enjoyed the ironman movie in 3d with Sunny. We did enjoy the movie. I gave it a B and Sunny gave it a B+

    If the world was in so much danger, where where the other super heros? Tony didn’t even try to contact any. Personally, I would have loved having superman around… smile.



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