Man of Steel Movie Review

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muz-z-ocele_01Man of Steel, is simply the greatest superhero movie of all time! Superman has always had a heroic flare, a grace and humanity that separated him from other superheroes.  Although Spiderman was always my favorite superhero, Superman has always been in a class all by himself. Unfortunately, over the years, the various Superman movies except for Superman 2, never quite lived up to the hype of the Superman mythos.  Christopher Reeves was good as Superman, but they never provided him with a decent story to make his character truly super. I am not going to even say anything about the disappointing film Superman Returns.  Man of Steel is better than the Avengers, better than Iron Man, and better than the new Batman movies.

This latest incarnation of Superman is an epic film that embraces what Superman is all about, which is leading humanity to a better way of life through his example of selfless service. Superman is the embodiment of servant leadership, which he developed from his earthly parents, who taught him about morality, truth, justice and the American way.

Despite his nature to do good and help others, Superman is also a relentless warrior that gives everything he has to protect his adopted planet from alien invaders who happen to be displaced Kryptonians like himself. The Kryptonians who invade Earth are led by General Zod, who had led a failed coup attempt on the planet Krypton before its destruction.  Zod’s mission is to capture Superman aka Kal El, the Son of Jorel, so that he can go about rebuilding Krpytonian society on the bones of Superman and Earth.

What transpires next is a series of heroic battles and sacrifices that one has yet to fully see in a superhero film. Yes we have had tremendous action in the Avenger, Iron Man, Spiderman and Batman movies, but their scenes never hit me emotionally like Man of Steel.  I could feel the desperation in this film, I believed the characters, I believed in their hope and fears. Man of Steel managed to capture all of that and still bring the noise with an action packed slug fest, which allowed Superman to truly flex his Kryptonian muscles and show us what he was capable of.  Even the villains in the film had purpose and were not just some maniacal 2 dimensional despots bent on world domination just to rule over the Earth because they could.  The creators of this film wisely, selected Superman 1 & 2 as a guide for this film, which were by far the best of the series of movies from the late 70s and early 80s.

The music was also inspiring and just as inspirational and memorable as the original Superman theme song. One of the first things I did when I got home was to search for the theme song to download on my ipod. Man of Steel is an awesome film that kids and adults will like.  The filmmakers have raised the bar with this film.

Grade: A+++! This has now become my favorite film of the year!

Roshawn: A

Kameron: A

El Tattz: 10 Former student who showed up with his 4 year old son in tow.



  1. Man, I totally loved the first half. But the second half went too far with CGI and had little emotion. It was just an explosive boring mess. My Grade: B-


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