World War Z Movie Review

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wwz During our trip to Atlanta, the boys and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the new zombie flick World War Z. We had some down time after going to church and having dinner with our family the Norwoods this past Sunday, so the boys and I decided to see World War Z.  We had all seen the trailers and heard about the book World War Z, but we didn’t know what to really expect from this film. One thing we did know, was that unlike Walking Dead (one of my favorite shows), the zombies in World War Z could run.    The movie follows Gerry Lane a retired UN field operative, who is faced with saving his family from a viral outbreak that reanimates the dead and turns them into predatory creatures that chase you down and bite you in order to spread the virus.  Due to his UN connections, Gerry is able to secure helicopter transport and escape the city of Philadelphia along with his family after a series of narrow escapes from the thousands of zombies rampaging through the streets.  Once freed from the chomping clutches of the zombies, Gerry and his family arrive on an aircraft carrier, which is the headquarters for the fleet of ships fleeing U.S. shores. Since space, food and resources on the ship are in short supply, non-essential personnel are taken off of the ship and sent to a safe zone in Nova Scotia. In order to keep his family on the ship, Gerry must undertake a mission to discover where the zombie outbreak began, so scientist can begin working on a cure.   During his mission, Gerry travels to a number of countries around the world facing overwhelming odds, which lead to some harrowing events, which left me gripping my chair in suspense and dread.

World War Z is not a gory movie like the Walking Dead tv series, but it is full of action, mystery and suspense, which will keep you on the edge of your seat. The fact that the zombies in this film are not your traditional one mile per hour shufflers, but full fledge sprinters, ups the fear quotient quite a bit.  The movie is good, but not without flaws.  There are a few convenient plot points and some questionable actions taken that did not make sense to me, but besides that World War Z is a good movie to check out.   If you like the 28 Days later movies, and the zombie genre, this will be an entertaining, adrenaline filled ride.

Grade: B+

Roshawn: A

Kameron: A



  1. Your review is spot on. However, the biggest flaw with this flick is that it has an adult oriented story that is filmed in a kid friendly PG-13 environment. All of Josh’s friends have hated this movie (boring they said). I actually liked it, but I must admit that I longed for the “Walking Dead” adult content. I think this movie should have aimed for one audience or the other, because as it stands now, it is alienating both. Leave Zombies to “The Walking Dead”. AMC does it the right way…

    My Grade: B

    Also: Is Brad Pitt the only person with a family in this movie? What about all the other passengers on that jet for example. lol

    And you know the movie must have gone over-budget for Brad Pitt to do a glorified Pepsi commercial right at the height of the final scene!


    1. I can see how the gore hounds would be put off, but this was right up my alley, although the Walking Dead scares me much more than this film. It would have been interesting to see them using slow moving zombies. We never get the global scale with those films. I read the book World War Z after this film, and it was pretty good.


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