Pacific Rim Movie Review

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pacificrimGiant Monsters battling Giant Robots, what could be better?! Pacific Rim is the tale of humanities battle against an alien race that has opened a dimensional portal between their world and ours in the deep depths of the Pacific Ocean.  The aliens send through giant Kaiju (Beasts) that stand about 150 feet tall, which ravage the coastal cities of the Pacific with the intent of exterminating mankind to make it easier for the aliens to colonize the Earth.  The only thing standing in the way of the Kaiju onslaught are the Jaegers (Hunters).  The Jaegers giant robots built by humans to fight the Kaiju after the conventional weapons of Earth fail.  The Jaegers are so powerful that they must be piloted by two human beings who are mentally synched. When the war first begins, only one Kaiju comes through every few months, but over the years they come more frequently.  The humans originally built thirty Jaegers, but over a twelve year span, the Kaiju become more powerful and adapt and eventually humanity is down to its last four Jaegers.  The Kaiju come so often, that the humans cannot develop Jaegars fast enough or find enough good pilots that can make the mental connections.  This leads to some awesome battle sequences that fans of Godzilla and other giant monster and robot movies will find highly engaging. You won’t be seeing men in rubber suits fighting it out in this film. The robots, monsters and scale of destruction are immense!  Towards the end of the film, humanity is on the ropes and it doesn’t look good, but why I should spoil what happens.  Check this movie out!

I found the story to be similar with the alien invading the Earth story line, but the twist that Pacific Rim takes on this familiar story is refreshing and seems new.   The thing that I enjoyed was that the director Guillermo Del Toro takes the film very seriously, so there won’t be a whole lot of tongue in cheek or Power Ranger type nonsense. I found myself connecting with the characters and being invested emotionally.  I would like nothing better than for this to be a major hit and to see kids embracing Jaegers and Kaiju like I did in the 70s with Godzilla.  If your kids like Power Rangers, or if you were a fan of Godzilla, and Voltron, then Pacific Rim will blow you away!  An actual monsters vs. robots film that has a good budget, good story, good characters and quality special effects is rare! I heard they are making a big budget Godzilla movie. They better bring their A game if they want to top Pacific Rim!

Grade: A

Kameron: A


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