The Wolverine Movie Review

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wolverine-poster-csThe Wolverine is the second stand alone Wolverine movie, and the sixth total when you add in the X-Men movies.   The Wolverine takes place a couple of years after the tragic events that occurred at the end of the third X-Men movie Last Stand, when was forced to kill his love Jean Grey, who had unwillingly gone rogue and killed hundreds of people.  Wolverine, whose real name is Logan is back to being a loner and is unhappily minding his own business in the woods, until he gets a visitor from Japan, a woman who wants to take him back to Japan, to meet an old friend he saved back during World War II.  If you don’t know anything about the Wolverine, just know that he is immortal, has nearly instantaneous healing and has razor sharp claws that are virtually indestructible.  The old friend is a wealthy Japanese tycoon named Yashida, who has the power to take away the Wolverine’s immortality.  You see Logan is tired of outliving his friends and seeing people suffer, so his friend wants to take that away from him so he can live out his days and die an ordinary person. On top of that, someone wants to harm Mr. Yashida’s granddaughter and the Wolverine tries to find out who is behind it.   What takes place after this scene his an intriguing, plot filled, story line that takes you on a mysterious journey through the island of Japan as the Wolverine battles, Yakuza, ninja, love and his own mortality.

Unlike the superhero blockbusters you have seen this summer or in the past, this film is filled with action and the Wolverine seriously punishing his foes, but this film is almost intimate compared to other superhero films. The world is not at stake, he is not battling titanic forces of evil or teaming up with the X-Men. The Wolverine is simply trying to do the right thing the best way he knows how, and if you know the Wolverine, that means brute physical force! He has no qualms about putting his razor claws through the body of his enemies and killing them unlike other superheroes we know.  The Wolverine is a solid film that is better than the last independent film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but it is not going to compete with the likes of Batman, Iron Man or Man of Steel.  Once again this film fits in nicely with the X-Men movie universe. If you like superhero movies, gangster films, or ninja, then this is a good film. There is also a nice teaser at the end that you won’t want to miss if you are a fan of the X-Men and Wolverine movies.

Grade: B+


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