Elysium Movie Review

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elysiumElysium is a movie that takes place in the not too distant future in 2154.  The Earth is severely over populated and resources are scarce, but the wealthy people have migrated to a giant space station in orbit around Earth called Elysium.  The wealthy people, who are called citizens of Elysium exploit the people of Earth to harvest the remaining resources to supply Elysium with what it needs to live a life free of disease, war, poverty and worry.  The people of Earth frequently try to illegally go to Elysium because they have machines on board that can cure illness, injuries and disease.  However the citizens of Elysium have no interest in allowing the poor people of Earth access to their station, and they have an army of droids to protect Elysium and their interests on Earth.

Max is the main character in the movie who is a reformed criminal who is attempting to carve out  a life and some happiness in this poor, crumbling society.  Unfortunately for Max, an incident occurs at work that makes him desperate to reach Elysium and the life preserving machines that they have on board.  Max makes a deal with the local criminal element to try to get on board, and the action and mayhem ensues.

Elysium is directed by Neil Blomkamp the awesome director who brought us District 9.  Neil has created a fascinating world that touches on some realistic social and economic issues. Elysium basically projects the ever increasing gap between the rich and the poor and presents us with a worst case or potentially true scenario where the world may end up in fifty years.  Neil Blomkamp’s visual of Earth in 2154 is shocking and dramatic. The poverty and degradation of society is something that you would imagine in the worst third world country, so imagine my surprise when they revealed it was a current modern city.  I was stunned by the transformation.  Elysium is a solid sci-fi move that touches truly on the human condition and where our society can be if we continue on the path we are on.  Much like District 9, the future is bleak in Elysium, but there is hope!  Although this seems like an original tale,  I remembered an Original Star Trek episode about a city in the clouds that was abusing the people of their planet.  Of course all it took was for Captain Kirk to use his gift of gab and seduce the beautiful leader to accomplish his task of saving the people of the planet, but interestingly, you never really saw what happened below on the planet. Elysium gives you that view and it is not pretty. If you want to see what the future may hold for us, check out Elysium.

Grade: B+


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