Gravity Movie Review

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GravityGravity is a movie about a group of astronauts who are on a mission to upgrade the Hubble Telescope.  During their mission, an unrelated event occurs that puts their lives in jeopardy, which leads to some harrowing events. Years ago when the first Alien movie came out, a phrase was coined which said “in space no one can hear you scream.”  Gravity brought that phrase back into my mind as I saw Sandra Bullock who plays “Ryan” and George Clooney who plays “Matt” attempt to grapple (pun intended lol) with the terrifying circumstances they faced in this film.  Gravity is a taut, thriller that is focused on two characters throughout the film as they attempt to survive the events that are unfolding around them.  Once you hit the ten minute mark in this film, you are  in for a rough ride, and the filmmakers are going to keep you on the edge of your seat squirming and grabbing for the duration of the movie.  Watching this film will help you understand how dangerous space can be, without aliens or evil people being involved. Gravity is in my opinion a realistic portrayal of what could happen to our astronauts if they were to experience this type of situation.  My level of respect for astronauts and our ability to develop spacecraft that can travel beyond the Earth’s atmosphere has raised even further than before.

This has been a great year for movies, and this film is no exception!

Grade: A+



  1. I also liked this movie. I really wished I had seen it in IMAX even though I did see it in 3D…. Very few of the circumstances portrayed in the movie are possible according to the commentary I have read from NASA scientists. Nevertheless, I was transfixed throughout. The idea of floating away into the abyss while confined within a rather penetrable space suit was absolutely terrifying to me… Also, I hate heights, and I doubt you can get much higher above the Earth than the astronauts portrayed in this space flick… I’m most impressed by the creativity of the film despite the simple premise. I had no idea that such a minimal story line could keep me so glued (nervously) to my seat. Now going back to the impossible premise described by the NASA people: Today Phil Sims wrote off the NFL team Detroit (my second favorite team next to my struggling STEELERS) with less than two minutes to go in the game. He talked about how lucky Dallas was to be above 500 at the halfway point of the season. I assume he thought it was impossible for Detroit to pull out a victory. Thankfully he was wrong. I’ve always considered Sims a hapless, Imbecile anyway… So I guess the space quandary these astronauts experienced could happen even if Phil Sims thinks there is no chance in HELL… lol

    Great flick….

    Jay’s Grade: A-


  2. I too read about the impossibility of the scenarios presented by NASA scientist. The one scientist I read however, was willing to suspend his disbelief and stated that this was the best movie of the year! The item that bothered me more than anything, was the idea that Matt, Clooney’s character knew nothing about Ryan. I am sorry, but I don’t believe you spend months training with someone and not know anything about them. That scene actually took me out of my element more than anything else. I almost had a conniption, when Matt boarded the Soyuz capsule. I am glad they cleared that up! LOL!


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