Thor: The Dark World Movie Review

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thorThor: The Dark World is a sequel to the original mighty Thor movie and the superhero mega hit The Avengers.  This movie finds Thor back on Asgard battling to reunite the 9 Realms.  During the conflict, he becomes aware that a group of evil elves have reappeared and are trying to release a red mist called the Essence to bring darkness to the universe. It is up to Thor with the help of his comrades and his evil brother to save the day.Thor: The Dark World is a big improvement over the last installment of Thor, which I thought was pretty good. This time around, we spend more time with Thor in Asgard and other strange worlds than we do on planet Earth.  This really makes Thor much more fun and exciting to watch.   The movie had evil elves, spaceships, sword and sandal fights, laser battles and of course superhero action which wrapped itself in a nice two hour time frame that was not too long or too short.  If you have been a fan of all of the Marvel films to date, then this movie fits right on in to the universe that Marvel is developing. Nothing like this has ever been accomplished before, where you have four different heroes, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk and Thor starring in different movies, but operating in the same universe.  All of their movies then culminated in The Avengers.  This second Thor is the follow up to The Avengers, and is leading the way for another round of Marvel superhero films.

 Thor is good, but it still pales to me in comparison to the more emotion evoking Man of Steel.

 Grade: B+




  1. I am glad that you gave this movie a good review. As much as I hesitated to see the first movie, I really enjoyed the film. I have since watched it no less than four times. I look forward to seeing this one in the theater.


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