47 Ronin Movie Review

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roninThe 47 Ronin  is a movie based on the ancient Japanese story of the 47 Ronin a.k.a. 47 master less samurai who avenge the death of their lord who attacked a court official in the 18th century.  When their vengeance was complete the 47 samurai commit seppuku or ritual suicide. The 47 Ronin movie is a tale of their adventures with a supernatural twist.

When I saw the trailers for this movie, I knew that this film was right up my alley.  Japanese samurai, sword fighting and beings with supernatural powers battling it out. Yes! The reality however, was far different. This movie had so much potential to be good, unfortunately, every cool battle sequence was previewed in the trailers.  Not only was that a bummer, but there was very little action in this movie whatsoever.  With a movie of this caliber, I wasn’t looking for much story, but I was looking for some otherworld action scenes galore.  What I did get was a nice story, with very little else to invest me in the movie. I felt cheated by the people that marketed this film because their advertising made it seem as if they would be fighting hordes of demons and overcoming numerous obstacles to avenge their master.  I was upset that the cool demons with the supernatural fighting skills had  very limited roles in the film.  As a matter of fact one of the demons imaged on the movie poster wasn’t even a demon and was on screen for maybe a minute (Hint, it’s the guy that looks like a skeleton with the musket pistol!). 

It is too bad they shortchanged the supernatural angle and the villains because this film had a lot of promise and a good storyline.  I would rank Man with the Iron Fists way above this one.  Save yourself some money and catch this on the Red Box or a premium channel, if you are a fan of the genre.  If  you are not a fan, don’t worry about seeing it,  you are not missing much.  I like this genre and I was disappointed.  The word is already out because the movie theater only had it playing in one theater, and it was the smallest one at that.  I enjoyed the action scenes when they came, but they were few and far between.     

Grade: D+

Kameron: A

Roshawn: C+


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