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noahNoah is a movie based on the biblical story of Noah that takes place in Genesis. The story for those who are unfamiliar are about a man, Noah who is told by God that the world will be destroyed by flood due to the wickedness of mankind. Noah is ordered to build an ark to safely carry his family and the various animals of the earth while the floods and rains scour the surface of the planet. Eventually, the ark lands on ground and Noah and his family repopulate the Earth. This is the basic story of Noah in the Bible and this is the core of what the film Noah is about, but it is also much much more.

The movie takes what is written in the Bible, and incorporates other books that have not been included in the Bible, such as the book of Enoch. The Bible and these other sources are used to reference the events of Noah to flesh out its backstory. This actually makes for a pretty exciting film because there are plenty of unexpected events and character developments that take place that one who is familiar with the Biblical account of Noah may not expect. This will of course lead many to be angered by the film’s premise and the portrayal of Noah, but I did not go into this thinking it was a literal translation of the Bible. I went into it with an open mind wondering, how will this director interpret the events that take place in Genesis about Noah?

Noah is a powerful movie which will touch your emotions, fill you with wonder and make you question a number of things. One of the things it will definitely make you do is go back and read the Bible again. Is this movie Passion of the Christ? No, it is an adventure story, with biblical overtones, and sci fi/fantasy angles. Now if you read the Bible carefully and look at all the details, then what you may consider to be sci fi or fantasy is far from it. The director takes those elements in the Bible that talk about giants and angels and fills in his thoughts on how it all went down. I have no problem with that whatsoever. He fills in gaps that aren’t mentioned in the Bible. He provides his elaboration on what took place over the years in detail on items that are covered in only a few lines of scripture in the Biblical texts.

Noah is a good film that will entertain, and either bring you closer to God, question God, make you mad, make you happy or just give you a different perspective on how the events of the flood took place. For me it provided a visual reference and made it relevant to my thoughts.

Grade: A



  1. Hi Ron,
    Thank you so much for that detailed description of the film “Noah”. As I am living in Asia, I
    have heard little about the film, but imagine in time it will be shown here. I am so happy that you
    prepared me. As an older Christian I know I can sometimes become very legalistic in my thinking, especially when it comes to depictions of the Bible. So again, I thank you.
    Your mom’s friend, Pat.


  2. From one of my mentors, Dr. Marvin McMickle: Peggy and I went to see the film Noah last night. I have no idea what Bible the producers or director were reading from, but that was not my biggest concern. Here was another Hollywood film about the Bible with an all-white cast. I guess you have to feature Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins if you want to attract a crowd to the theaters. However, it is disheartening to me to see one film after another about the ancient biblical narratives using actors from England, Australia and the U.S. Textual and historical facts were not the only things missing from this film. The casting was a sad commentary on the Hollywood film machine. “Attention. Calling Denzel, Forrest, Morgan, Lawrence, or Jamie.


    1. Very valid points. I don’t come to expect Hollywood to be authentic when it comes to the racial make up with 100 million dollar plus films. Think about this. Any film starring Denzel, and the other actors you mention always have a caucasion partner, for your blockbuster level films unless it is a biography.


  3. I thought it was fantastic. In particular, the ambiguity that Noah, in the movie at least, felt concerning the messages he was receiving and his interpretation of them — he is never entirely certain if he is acting on them correctly. I like that God communication is through imagery and dreams — no offscreen voice overs. His relationship to his family seemed more realistic than the story is usually portrayed as well, specifically in regards to Hamm and why he left. Good point about the casting. Though I think the actors did a fine job. I think Aronofsky was going for accents and matching ones at that. Lisa questioned why all movies and shows with ancient settings always have actors with English/Australian accents: Noah, Rome, Spartacus (the show), and so on. Still, I give this movie an A as well.


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