Transcendence Movie Review

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transcendenceTranscendence is a solid cyber thriller that is more of a love story than a summer movie blockbuster. If you saw the trailer for the film, then you have a good grasp of what the story is about. A world renowned computer genius Will is bent on creating an AI, but he is killed by a group called RIFT (Modern day Luddites) who are opposed to the development of A.I.s Artificially Intelligence. Will is uploaded into a super computer by his wife, and you can figure out what happens next.   I have seen this premise ad nauseam on countless Star Trek episodes throughout the years, and Transcendence brings nothing new or exciting to the genre. It is not a bad movie, but it is not a film that you would race to see. I am a sucker for most science fiction type movies, so I ran the gauntlet for the rest of you. It is a touching love story, but at this time of the year I am looking for more Captain America 2 style action!

Grade: C+


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