Godzilla Movie Review

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Where is Godzilla? Should be the title of this film. My most anticipated film of the year gets a D for Disappointing. What you see in the trailers is awesome, because it shows you that the world is on the brink of catastrophe, with humanity doing everything it can to deal with the threat of giant monsters. The cool part of the trailers that build the anticipation to a crescendo is that it just teases you about Godzilla and what the movie is actually about. The marketers of the film did a great job, because this entire film is a tease! The storyline is a cool, which is about humans being in the dark about these mega monsters that roam the Earth, and just like the humans who are wondering about the mystery, so should the viewer. However, once the shroud of mystery is unveiled, then the main characters should be revealed in their full glory! The makers of Godzilla for some reason just tease the viewer throughout the entire film! You may get 10 minutes of full scaled Godzilla and monster on monster action. Did the creators of this American version of the film not learn from the American made Godzilla 1985, and Godzilla 1998? Well they did learn one thing, they actually have Godzilla going up against some monsters, for the brief time we see them. I understand that the filmmakers have to develop a story that showcases humans and their struggle against these gargantuan threats. The original Godzilla movies did this as well, but the difference is that they sprinkled full on Godzilla vs. the various monsters throughout the movie instead of giving us the money shots during the last 10 minutes of the movie. I think I will pop Pacific Rim in and get some good monster vs. robot combat action going on! Don’t get me wrong, when Godzilla is on screen, it is cool, but he was not on screen enough to satisfy the Godzilla kid in me!

Grade: D

Roshawn: B

Kameron: B+



  1. Total disappointment at my end also… The director did an excellent job of making his previous flick entitled: “Monsters”. I think the producers thought he could add the story if their effects team made the Godzilla special effect scenes. But this awful, inept story with decent actors forced to utter pathetic dialog left me so sad. The coincidence factor was so crazy. Aaron Taylor-Johnson who amazed me in “Kick Ass” just so happens to be at every major story junction in the movie no matter how far apart geographically or common sensibly. Try as he might, he just couldn’t convey believability in his misfortune in the flick. At times, I think the actor realized his story made no sense. Why did that mega ton bomb have to travel by train on the same path as the monster? Did anybody believe that the bomb cover was jammed shut? Anybody? My viewing audience laughed hysterically at that scene. Okay… I have to stop. I did like the Godzilla ray of vomit scene. It is rare for me to want a movie to show more violence, mayhem and action. This movie demanded it… My grade was better Ron: D+


  2. You are absolutely correct on every point! The train scene made no sense whatsoever! Why not just fly the device to where it needed to go. I didn’t realize that was the guy from Kick Ass, which was an awesome movie. The vomit scene was awesome. I also liked that the monsters weren’t just evil, but a family just trying to raise their kids! LOL!


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