X-Men: Days of Future Past

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xmenX-Men: Days of Future Past has successfully blended together the modern day trilogy of X-Men films, with the retro X-Men: First Class. I am not usually a fan of any story that involves time travel due to the paradoxes that it creates, but in this case the creators of the film managed to avoid the confusion and complexity that usually permeates the realm of time travel movies. I am speaking to you Terminator series! I was expecting a good movie, but I was a little concerned that the time travel element would turn this film into a big mess, but fortunately that is not the case.

In the future, the X-Men are on the brink of annihilation, and in desperation, they send one of their members back in time, in an attempt to avert the future disaster. What comes next is a film that is steeped in literal 70s glory, a 70s time period complete with arms dealing, Vietnam War, espionage, alleged drug use and of course mutants with cool powers who are struggling to prevent a dark future from occurring again. If you loved X-Men: First Class, then you will continue your love affair with this film! The creators of this movie did a great job of bringing back almost all the characters we have seen over the course of all the X:Men movies, which was a great feat. For those of you who were not fans of X-Men 3, you do not have to worry anymore! LOL! As you can see, I haven’t mentioned any of the characters. It will be cool to go in without having anything given away, that will make the movie that much more rewarding. This movie is worth the price of admission. Does it top Captain America? Not in my book, but it sure is close.

The movie was much darker than I imagined, but there were some funny moments that made me laugh. If you are bringing kids to see the X-Men, just be warned that this is a little more risqué than the Avengers film. You will see some full backside nudity, and the f-bomb and other language is sprinkled sparingly throughout the film. The film moves along a little sluggishly for a few minutes, but overall, it is a wild ride. All is well in the X-Men universe, the only thing that would make it even more awesome, would be to cross-over the Avengers and Spiderman to make the ultimate of movies!

Grade: B+

Roshawn: A

Kameron: A



  1. We are tracking with similar tastes lately! It was very good and for you to give it an A, that is saying something! Did you give Captain America an A?


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