Edge of Tomorrow

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edge of tomorrowEdge of Tomorrow is the latest movie from Tom Cruise that focuses on an alien invasion of Earth. Cruise’s character, Major Cage, a military marketing executive is charged with creating advertisements to increase enrollments for the war. Due to his streak of cowardice, Cage upsets the supreme leader of the human forces, and ends up being sent to the frontlines on the eve of a major offensive, where he serves for 5 minutes before being killed by the aliens called Mimics. He then wakes up and relives the events over and over and over again until he figures out a way to get out of the time loop. The time loop exists because the overlord alien has the power, but it is somehow transferred to Cage. This is the movie in a nutshell. Although I loved the battle scenes and the concept, I don’t think the general audience will have the patience to watch similar scenes, but from different angles over and over and over again throughout the film. If you are a fan of Ground Hog Day, or the Star Trek episode with Kelsey Grammar which covered the same concept, then you will enjoy the film. Otherwise, you might want to catch it at another time because it will become frustrating watching the same scenes reboot, although they do advance a little at a time as Cage becomes more aware and skilled on how to change his path.

Grade: B


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