Double Feature Movie Review: Hercules & Lucy

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The legend of the mighty Hercules has made its way to the screen once again, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson playing the heroic hero. When I saw the trailers for the film, my imagination ran wild with the epic quality and serious nature displayed in the advertising. When I heard the narrator yell out “Who are you?!” and Johnson yells out “I…AM….HERCULES!!!!” I was sold, with goose bumps prickling my arms and memories of my childhood fascination with the Hercules cartoon from the 1960s, which I saw in the 70s, came rushing back. When the movie came on, all the cool scenes from the commercials were right there in the first five minute introduction, and I got a little nervous, thinking this might be another 47 Ronin. Fortunately, that is not the case and Hercules turns out to be an enjoyable film, with a unique and rather interesting take on the famed hero. The tone of the film was a little lighter and more tongue and cheek than I expected, but it worked. This film would fit right into the Conan the Barbarian universe, but it is not as gory as that. Although the movie worked for me, viewers who paid attention to the trailers and commercials will be expecting a different kind of movie and storyline. I don’t want to give too much away, but the story is pretty straightforward and somewhat predictable. Hercules must save the day against an evil force. If you watched Hercules: The Legendary Journeys on television, then you will see some similarities there as far as tone, which was a mix of serious and lighthearted. Hercules is a decent fill, but I doubt it will achieve blockbuster status. Fans of the genre should like it. Oh by the way, The Rock’s Hercules would eat Soboro’s Hercules for breakfast!

Grade: C+

Lucy is another film that had my mouth watering when I saw the trailers. What could we do if we could use more than 10% of our brains? That is the question that arises with the film Lucy. Lucy is unfortunately forced to carry a new drug in her abdomen, which is released into her system when she is beaten. This leads to her brain capacity being unlocked and elevating ability to use of her brain. With each percentage increase, she acquires new abilities, so she searches for ways to understand and use the knowledge to help herself and maybe mankind. The drug dealer and his cronies who placed the drug in her body purse her in attempt to recover the drugs, but are unaware of the drugs effect on the human body. This leads to some cool chase and fighting scenes, which many believe this movie is all about. However, movie goers will discover this film is more than an action movie. This film is about a philosophical discussion on the origination and evolution of humanity. As a matter of fact, the film has an interesting way of showing this evolutionary discussion and goes off in a direction that reminded me more of the Tree of Life movie starring Brad Pitt, than an actual sci-fi action film. I believe people who watched the trailers for this film will definitely be thrown for a loop when watching this film. The movie was exciting, but it seemed rather short and rushed at times. Regardless, Lucy is an entertaining film, but it won’t be a financial threat at the box office.

Grade: B-



  1. I totally agree son. The trailers led me to believe something else. I left the movie a little confused as to whether I liked the movie on a certain level. I was disappointed in the acting by the lead actress,, and the plot fell a little short to me. It did appear to be rushed.

    My Grade would be a C+



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