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interstellarInterstellar is a movie of exploration, much like the days of the ancient sea fares that traversed the oceans of the Atlantic without a clue of where they were headed or if they would ever see home again. The situation on Earth is bleak, overpopulation, and changing climate conditions have led to the gradual destruction of the Earth’s food supply. Since all resources are devoted to food production, NASA, which officially no longer exists, puts together secret space exploration mission to search for a new planet for mankind. The leader of this expedition is a man named Cooper, who has trained to be an astronaut years before, but had been reassigned as a farmer. The choice he is presented with is the decision to leave his family behind to find a new home for them with the high probability he will never comeback.

With this premise, Interstellar embarks on a grand, epic, voyage of exploration that will remind many of Space Odyssey 2001, rather than the more modern Star Treks and Star Wars. Interstellar is ground in what many call hard science, in that it basis much of its space travel and scientific experiences on current knowledge about space and time and the Theory of Relativity. You will definitely see the influences of television programs seen on the science channel for this film. Despite the hard science of the film, this movie is more about the relationship between a father and a daughter. The love, missed opportunities for reconciliation, loneliness of parenthood and aging as your children grow, these were the real themes of the movie.

Christopher Nolan the creator and director of the film has done a good job of assembling a movie that touches on everything a movie should. This is not a shoot’em up film, so it may not knock the socks of the general public, and it was predictable and filled with plot conveniences, but Interstellar has won me over. I have to say Christopher Nolan is my favorite director because he consistently creates solid, entertaining movies that make you do a little thinking. Memento, Inception, the new Batman Movies and now Interstellar are some very good films.

Grade: B
Kameron: Wow! Dad, I think this is the best movie I have ever seen! Grade: A+


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  1. I strongly disagree. The human interaction in the movie are non realistic . The science in the movie was very faulty. I was looking forward to this movie. The only thing that saved the movie for me were Fredthe visual presentations.


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