Jupiter Ascending Movie Review

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Jupiter Ascending Wall
Jupiter Ascending is a romping space opera that reminded me of the visually opulent 1979 movie Flash Gordon regarding its look. The movie is based upon the idea that the Earth is merely a farm used to breed humans until the population is large enough to be harvested. The owner of Earth is a non- terrestrial human who is a part of a wealthy family, called Abraxas that rules the galaxy. Under his employ are a variety of alien species that cultivate the Earth and watch over it. Our entire lore of alien grays, reptoids, crop circles, abductions and the like all revolve around humans who have inadvertently come across these various alien species of the centuries. The story begins with the discovery that one of the female humans on Earth “Jupiter” is actually the reincarnated mother, and matriarch of the wealthy Abraxas family that rules the galaxy. Jupiter is the heir to Earth, and the various siblings of the Abraxas family try various methods to try and remove her as the heir, so they can claim the valuable Earth for themselves. Protecting her from the Abraxas family is “Caine”, a hunter who has his own past to deal with while trying to save Jupiter’s future.

Jupiter Ascending as I stated earlier is a visual marvel, and has some very creative space and fighting scenes, but the story though not complex can get kind of confusing. This film hits all the right action marks, but something is missing that would make this film great. The directors, who are the makers of the Matrix Trilogy, don’t seem find the right balance of seriousness, humor and emotion that would really get people to invest in the film. As a kid, I probably would have thought this was the greatest thing since Star Wars, but I would have been wrong.

Grade: B
Kameron: C+/B- “They could have done a better job explaining the story and the genetics idea.”
Ethan (Kameron’s friend) B+


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