Chappie Movie Review

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Chappie is the story of the birth of an artificial intelligence (A.I.) and its journey from childhood through adulthood in the span of a few days in the body of a robotic police officer. Unfortunately for Chappie, his birth is rushed, secretive, and dangerous since he becomes self-aware in the possession of hardened criminals. Therefore, his birth and transition to sentience is filled with some life lessons that you wouldn’t want to wish on anyone. The story takes place in South Africa, and Johannesburg has a robotic police force that patrols the streets. Before you say it, Robocop cannot even be in the same room as this movie. The creator of the robotic police force has an idea to create an A.I., but his company won’t let him, so he takes it upon himself to get it done. Regrettably, the creator’s new A.I. comes into the possession of some criminals who corrupt the young A.I.’s development.
Chappie is sort of an action film, but it is more a love story/children’s story of seeing the world for the first time and learning that everything isn’t perfect. This film had me misty eyed a number of times, but don’t get me wrong there is some straight up wild west shooting and rumbling going on in this film. Chappie has it all, it is a sci-fi, crime story, action film with an emotional core, and it works! You won’t be disappointed.

Grade: A+

Kameron: A+

Roshawn: A


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