Jurassic World

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jurassicI have to admit, I thought the original three Jurassic Park movies had mined all of the material there was to be gained from a movie series about dinosaurs. I had no clue that another movie was in the works, until I saw the trailer this past winter and I was struck with the thought of… “Of course they have another movie to make, they need to finally open the dinosaur theme park!” I still imagined that this would be a kid friendly film that may not be worth my attention. However, the trailer for the film sealed the deal for me, and boy was I not disappointed!

Jurassic World takes place about twenty years after the events in the first Jurassic Park movies, and the Jurassic World theme park has been up and running successfully for a number of years. Of course just like with any theme park, the people get bored with regular dinosaurs, so the creators of Jurassic World come up with another attraction by designing their own genetically enhanced dinosaur called the Indomitable Rex, which is more intelligent and vicious than even the terrifying Tyrannosaurs Rex. Inevitably, due to human error and the cunning of the Indomitable Rex, it escapes and Jurassic World, and its 20,000 visitors gets a theme park experience they never imagined.

Jurassic World is an exciting adventure that examines humanity’s desire to sate our unquenchable desire to have more than we need and fulfill the idea that bigger is always better. Jurassic World is worth the price of admission, but be warned! There are quite a few deaths in the film and it may not be suitable for younger viewers, although the film is marketed to them.

Grade:        A

Kameron:    A

Roshawn:    A


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