Terminator Genisys Movie Review

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terminatorI had high expectations that this new Terminator film would be a dud based on the trailers I had seen, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was entertaining, although confusing at the same time. For those of you familiar with the Terminator franchise, it is a time travel series, based on cybernetic cyborgs being sent back in time to kill Sarah Conner, who is the mother of a future rebel that destroys the cybernetic ruling operating system known as Skynet.

In Terminator Genisys, which is the fifth film in the franchise, we see what many may initially imagine is a reboot of the original Terminator movie, but we soon discover that an alternate timeline has been created, and everything we knew with the previous films are “a relic of a dead timeline”. Terminator Genisys purposefully rehashes events from the other movies with a nice little twist, but it falls far short of the greatness of the original two Terminator films. There is plenty of action and cool one liners, but the movie just didn’t grab me and take me away like I wished. Another problem that I have that exists with all time travel movies, is the inevitable time paradox. The time paradox is the idea that once a person goes back in time to do something, they will always have to keep going back in time like a viscous circle. Terminator Genisys runs into this problem as all time travel films do and it becomes an annoying distraction.

Despite my issues with the time paradox and some story problems, Terminator Genisys is not bad for fans of the franchise; however, I think it is time to terminate this franchise and put it rest.

Grade: C+

Kameron: B+


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