Ant Man Movie Review

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antmanDon’t let the title fool you, as silly as a movie titled Ant Man is, it is actually a fun movie that is a little silly and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Set in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, which houses the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and now Spiderman, Ant Man is the tale of a new super hero called Scott Lang, who is an ex-con that is selected to wear the infamous Ant Man armor. The Ant Man armor, which has the ability to miniaturize the wearer to the size of an ant was developed by Henry Pym, a former solider and SHIELD agent who has since retired. Pym selects Lang, to wear the armor and go on a mission to prevent his mentee Dr. Cross from recreating the miniaturization formula, so he cannot sell it to the highest bidder and start wars across the planet.

Lang has never been a hero, and being a super hero adds to his learning curve. This leads to some funny hijinks as he discovers the abilities and limitations of the Ant Man armor. Ant Man is actually very entertaining and it fits right in with the rest of the Marvel movies without skipping a beat. You won’t be disappointed if you are looking for references to other Marvel films, they are there! Although this movie is made for all ages, I think young kids will eat this film up, especially when they see the scenes with the ants, the special guest and the battles the Ant Man fights. Now there is some foul language in the movie, but not much by today’s standards. If you are going to check it out, bring your kids! I can’t believe I thought I would say this, but bring on Ant Man 2!

Grade: B

Kameron: A-

Roshawn: A


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