War Room Movie Review

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War Room is a powerful family drama that focuses on Priscillla, a wife/mother who seemingly has everything she wants in life except for a loving connection with her husband and ten year old daughter. She does right by her husband and she believes she does right by her daughter, but their bonds are frayed and on the verge of disintegrating. She begins to realize that she is filled with anger and resentment over her relationship with her husband, as he seems to grow more and more distant each day. Her fortunes begin to change when she meets Miss Clara. Miss Clara is a prayer warrior, and she takes Priscilla under her wing and begins to mentor her and teach Priscilla how to pray and turn her problems over to God, so that she can win back her family. Part of learning how to pray involves creating a War Room, or Prayer Room, so that she can devote her entire attention to God in prayer. From this point forward, Priscilla, her husband Tony and daughter Danielle embark on a journey of faith, hardship, temptation and triumph as they all discover the power of prayer and faith in God.

War Room is an inspiring and emotional infused movie that will uplift not only Christians, but anyone that is struggling with the trials and tribulations of navigating the difficulties of marriage, family, relationships and work. Although this may seem like a sad movie, and it does have tearjerker parts, it also has comedic and romantic moments throughout the film. This movie is made for and speaks to women, men, families, couples and children. There are many parts of this film that will resonate with all types of people. I strongly suggest that you see this film with your loved ones and family members. Bring your children and teenagers, because they will learn something as well. Seeing War Room will recharge your spiritual batteries or reignite the flames of your spirit that may have waned.  I connected with this film on all levels and I was thoroughly entertained. My wife connected with the film, and so did my 16 year old son. You will be blessed by seeing this film!

Grade: A+

Rahesha: A+

Kameron: A


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