James Bond: Spectre Movie Review

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When I was a child in the early 70s before Star Wars and Star Trek graced the silver screens, James Bond fell into my trifecta of favorite film series, Bruce Lee, Godzilla and James Bond.  James Bond has continued to endure throughout my life bringing a number of thrilling and exciting films to the masses, including one of my favorites SKYFALL.  Daniel Craig’s take on Bond has proven to be one of my favorites, since Sean Connery, so I was eagerly anticipating the latest Bond movie Spectre.   The cool thing about Spectre is that it ties all of the previous Craig Bond movies together in a way that the other Bond films never have. Every lead and mystery that Craig’s Bond has followed over the years has given a hint of this larger, ultra-secret and powerful organization that is bent on world domination. Spectre finally brought this organization to light, but unfortunately, the years of build-up led to a flat payoff in my view.

Although I wanted to love Spectre, I couldn’t.  Bond is a very formulaic franchise, and I accept that, but for some reason it just seemed rather in your face this time around.  The movie dragged on and seemed very slow.  Bond is known for creating some classic villains who have very cool henchmen.  Spectre introduces a seemingly cool henchman and match for Bond, but they let him fizzle out and don’t give him anything interesting to say or do that would cement him in the circles of classic Bond henchmen like Jaws or Odd Job.  As long as Spectre was about 2 hours and 30 minutes, they could have given us some time to invest in this new henchmen before he bowed out the game.  Based on the story line presented, of an ultimate big brother organization that watches everything we do, there were a lot of gaps in their surveillance and this story, which allowed this Bond film to ramble around aimlessly.

Bond is Bond, and he does everything that all Bond movies do, but for some reason, this movie didn’t click with me.

Grade: D


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