Dead Pool Movie Review

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dead pool

Dead Pool is a hard core rated R film, starring Dead Pool aka The Merc with the Mouth.  This is a film set in the X-Men Marvel Universe, about a mercenary who has terminal cancer and undergoes painful and traumatic operations to become a super powered killing machine. I don’t say superhero, because Dead Pool is no superhero.  In fact, everything about Dead Pool goes against the traditional superhero movie formula, and Dead Pool himself is in on the joke. Dead Pool is unique in many ways, besides having self- healing abilities, Dead Pool also has the ability to break the 4th wall, which means he talks directly to the audience watching the film throughout his adventure, or better called misadventures.  Fans of Dead Pool comics will tell you that this is nothing new because he does the same thing in the comic books.

Dead Pool is a stone cold killer, with a very comedic personality, which makes the mayhem he creates rather funny.  During his journey to get revenge on his adversary, he comes across a couple of X-Men, and makes a number of references to the X-Men themselves. If you have been a fan of Marvel Films, the Easter Eggs are all over the place.   There is even a reference to Avengers, but you have to be very attentive to catch them.  The end credits are rather funny, and are directed to the audience.

Dead Pool is an awesome film, but beware, it earns its R with severe violence, foul language and nudity.

Dead Pool gets an A, and I can’t wait for the sequel!

Grade: A


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