Batman vs. Superman Movie Review

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If you are one of those individuals who did not like Man of Steel, the new vision of Superman, then there is not much that this movie will do for you.  However, if you embraced Man of Steel, like I did, then you are in for a wonderful treat!

Batman vs. Superman literally takes up towards the end of Man of Steel, when Superman is having a devastating battle with General Zod in the City of Metropolis.  Watching down below in all the chaos and destruction that the two alien titans are raining down, is none other than Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, who is in Bruce Wayne mode attempting to save his employees from certain death from the fallout between Superman and General Zod.  Unlike other superhero franchises, television shows and even comic books, rarely do we get to see the traumatic and deadly consequences people face in the aftermath of battles between powerful beings, who can use energy and buildings as weapons.  Batman vs. Superman takes the time to go into detail about the loss of life and destruction that those battles created, and how it effected people both positively and negatively.  Some people see Superman as a savior, while others view him as evil who brought a war to Earth.  Bruce Wayne is one that sees Superman as an alien that must be stopped.

The Bruce Wayne we see in this film is older, and jaded, and has experienced even more loss since the death of his parents.  Originally, this Batman was supposed to be the Christian Bale, Batman, but twenty years later.  Unfortunately, he bowed out, so it may mess with people’s continuity, but there is evidence that Ben Affleck’s Batman is an older version of the Christian Bale’s, Batman.

Many people may not like this film because it takes the time to deal with the political and social consequences of Superman’s actions in the Man of Steel, so it is not as heavy on action as the original, and it focuses a lot on the alter ego’s of our heroes.  Although the first half of the film may seem slow, it picks up the beats rapidly towards the end.

For fans of DC heroes, you all are in for a great treat! Man of Steel gave us a glimpse into the world of superheroes, but Batman vs. Superman opens our eyes wide.  The build up to a Justice League movie has begun! I am glad that  DC  decided to take a darker, realistic turn with its cinematic universe, so we can get clear distinction between them and the fun and colorful Marvel Universe.  However, the filming of Batman vs. Superman is too dark.  I don’t mind darker characters, but darkening the film is a serious distraction for me and it took me out of the world that I was really trying to immerse myself in.

Batman vs. Superman is chock full of Easter eggs related to the DC Comic Universe, so fans will not be disappointed! I really liked Batman vs. Superman, and I am looking forward to the new films in the DC Universe that are coming out, especially Suicide Squad, which takes place in the same continuity as the Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman.

Grade: A-

Kameron: A


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