Ranking My Favorite Superhero Flicks!

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With this being the year and summer of awesome blockbuster superhero films, I decided to rank all my favorite superhero films in order of preference. This order is based on the following criteria for me, rewatchability, emotional stirrings, good stories and great action. Yes! Man of Steel is number one. I can watch that film daily and I still feel my heart churn with excitement and my eyes get misty eyed!  If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t mean it is bad, it just didn’t hit me like my top 31 movies. Share your top superhero films!

1.      Man of Steel

2.      Captain America: Winter Soldier

3.      Dead Pool

4.      Guardians of the Galaxy

5.      Avengers

6.      Flashpoint Paradox (I had to add on this awesome animated Flash movie!)

7.      Kick Ass

8.      Chronicle

9.      Batman vs. Superman

10.   Batman: Dark Knight

11.   X-Men Days of Futures Past

12.   Iron Man

13.   X-Men First Class

14.   Ant Man

15.   The Incredibles

16.   Avengers Age of Ultron

17.   X-Men II

18.   Amazing Spiderman

19.   Amazing Spiderman II

20.   The Incredible Hulk

21.   Batman Begins

22.   Spiderman II

23.   Superman II

24.   Batman Dark Knight Rises

25.   Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Animated Movie that Batman vs. Superman is partially based on!)

26.   Batman: Assault on Arkham (Animated Movie that the upcoming Suicide Squad is based on!)

27.   Spiderman I

28.   Thor

29.   Batman

30.   Batman Returns

31.   Batman: Under the Red Hood (Animated Movie)



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