Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

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I wasn’t going to let my son’s graduation from college hinder me from seeing this film right away! Captain America: Civil War is a movie that makes you ponder a number of questions, which resonates with relevance in our current world.  Should superheroes have the ability to meet and fight villany, terrorism and crime, when and where they see fit, without oversight from a higher authority? Should heroes be held accountable for the collateral damage that takes place from the battles they fight to protect the people as a whole, although innocent people may be killed in the process? One can definitely see the parallels in our own world with air strikes against terrorist that unfortunately cause death to innocents who may be nearby, and even with the attention that is being brought to bear on the police with the police brutality and killings of black teens by police that has gained increased national attention over the past couple of years.  The old adage of who watches the watchers, is a big theme in Captain America: Civil War.  Depending on which side you fall on in this conversation, will lead you to side with either Captain America or Iron Man in this film.  Now please don’t get me wrong, if you are trying to escape these realities, Captain America: Civil War is not a depressing, downer of a movie. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most exciting comic book movies to ever hit the big screen.  Captain America: Civil War starts off as a lighthearted yarn, filled with awesome action scenes between heroes and villains and heroes versus heroes.  I never in all my years would have imagined that they would ever be able to bring so many heroes on screen at one time and just have a cartoon style battle royal.  Captain America: Civil War is a lot of fun, but since this is Marvel’s cinematic universe where all the movies are tied together, they are able to take the time to show the seriousness and consequences of their actions.  This is what makes Captain America: Civil War a good movie.  The events that took place in Avengers: Age of Ultron have a direct effect on this film. The villain is not your stereotypical bad guy.  He has some serious issues with our heroes and their methods, and he decides to do something about it.  The movie starts off lighthearted and then delves into some darker territory as it goes on.  Despite the powerful themes that this movie addresses, the transition from lighthearted to dark, felt a little rocky, which had me knock down my grade just a smidgen.  No matter however, Captain America: Civil war is a must see for fans and people who like a good action flick!

Special Note: Prior to seeing the movie, I was all for Captain America, but I have to admit by the movies end, I was on Team Ironman.  What team would you be on? What does that say about us, on whose side we choose?

Grade: B+

Kameron: A



  1. In the end, cap was correct. He even won over ironman and panther to his side of the argurment. We have stark, answering, literally, to oversight when he feels he should and ignoring oversight when he believes that he should. You have the panther essentially providing Cap a safe base of operations and sheltering a fugitive.

    It was a good movie, all 3 Captain America movie were good. Spider Man should be less wide-eyed than he was portrayed. I hope future spidey movies don’t portray him this way — he always had a dose of angst and skepticism that made him an interesting character.

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    1. You are correct that they all agreed with Cap in the end, but I still think the oversight is important. If you think about it, they Shield watched over them before it began. The U.S. Military watched over him before that. He went where he was told. I agree that Spidey has some skepticism and angst, but that was usually when he was in Peter Parker mode, or doing his mental reflection. Outwardly as Spiderman he was always a talker and a smart ass. I think as he matures and experiences more loss and hardship, we will see it. Thanks for your views! We got to keep it up with X-Men and Suicide Squad this summer!


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