Independence Day: Resurgence

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independence-day-resurgence-trailer-2-breakdown-11It’s the 20th Anniversary of our Independence Day from the alien onslaught! Back in 1996, my jaw was on the floor in awe, when I saw the trailer for Independence Day and the White House blew up on screen.  The original Independence Day movie was thrilling and exciting, although with quite a bit of tongue and cheek, but it worked for that time.  Now when I see it, it seems a little dated.  20 years later, we have Independence Day: Resurgence! During the twenty years since humanity’s victory over the alien invasion, the humans have adapted alien technology, and created a more advanced civilization along with powerful weapons and spaceships that have allowed them to colonize the solar system.  I had flashes of Robotech flashing through my mind when I saw this.  Unfortunately, despite all the preparations and super cool space fighters and laser weapons, the aliens return, this time with a bigger and more powerful space craft than the last time.  Humanity once again has to fight the aliens on July 4th and hope they can win, or the Earth and everyone on it will be destroyed.

Independence Day: Resurgence should be a blockbuster hands down, but for some reason, I wasn’t filled with the same passion and excitement that the original created.  I think the big problem was the cast.  There are so many characters that you don’t really get to know them although each one gets a moment to get some back story.  They even brought back a lot of the old cast members from the first film with significant roles. Although this was cool, I think this huge ensemble took away from some quality character development. The action and special effects were awesome, and the scenes with the spacecraft and aliens were top notch, but this still felt like a summer bubblegum film that was missing some of its flavor.  I am not sure what it is, but it is noticeable.

Independence Day: Resurgence is a solid sequel to the original, and I do wish I would have jumped on the bus and caught the double feature they were offering, but I won’t be clamoring to see it again or buy it on Blue Ray.

Grade: C+

Roshawn: C

Kameron: B


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