Star Trek: Beyond

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star trek beyond

Star Trek: Beyond, the third film in the parallel Star Trek Universe has warped into theaters, with phasers firing on stun.  As in I was stunned that this film was okay, despite the great visuals, diverse cast of species and strange new worlds.  Although I loved the film imagery, I was disappointed with the initial story as it unfolded, and what should have been breathtaking battle scenes, left me a little underwhelmed, probably because they showed most of them in the trailers. 

The story involves the Enterprise exploring an uncharted region of space, where they come across what appears to be an alien race led by their leader Krall, who is hell bent on driving the Enterprise crew and the Federation back into known space.  The motivations are initially unclear, but towards the end, there is a satisfying wrap up to his motives although it would have been nice if they had given more time to Krall’s backstory.  Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest are all back and fulfilling their roles as we expect them to do, but nothing jumps out that makes me want to expand on them any further.   

This movie had the potential to be great, but the plot holes, shaky cam, and attempts to create funny hijinks didn’t work for me.  Towards the end the story gets interesting, and they even give some nods to the prequel television series Enterprise, but it is not enough to make me fall in love with this film.

Grade: C

Roshawn: B


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