Jason Bourne Movie Review

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Jason Bourne is a by the numbers super assassin actioner that finds Bourne once again trying to determine his role in the Tredstone Project, which turned him into a tough as nails executioner for the government.  I swore in the previous films that Bourne had figured out his role in the secret project, but the filmmakers decided there was much more to be learned than what we had gleaned from previous installments.  The movie begins with Bourne going about life as an underground boxer, before he is unwillingly pulled back into the world of espionage by a former adversary turned ally who has information that will reveal why Bourne was selected for the Tredstone Project.  Once again the CIA becomes threatened and they pull out all the stops to prevent Bourne from finding out the truth and exposing them to the world.  In between, there are some amazing fighting and car chase scenes that I might have actually enjoyed if the camera would have been still long enough! (Filmmakers please get rid of the shaky cams!)

Despite my seemingly negative review, Jason Bourne is very entertaining, but there is not much going on with the story.  The one thing I did like was that they fleshed out the CIA Asset who was tasked to take out Bourne.  Although he turns out to be a typical bad guy, towards the end who just kills anyone in his way, he had some incentive to take Bourne out, which I found interesting.  He was sort of cut in the mold of the Russian assassin from “From Russia with Love”.

Jason Bourne should bring some decent numbers at the box office, but it would have been even more interesting to see Jason Bourne meet up with Aaron Cross from Bourne Legacy. 

Grade: B

My mother-in-law who is a Bourne fanatic gave it a B+


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