The Suicide Squad Movie Review

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The Suicide Squad was my most anticipated movie of the year, and with it connecting to the new DC Universe that contains Superman and Batman, I knew I was in for a treat! However, have you ever seen a good looking piece of cake, or pie that looks so tantalizing and sweet, but then you bite into it, and it’s bland?  That is how I came away from Suicide Squad.  It looked so good and had so many interesting ingredients, but it lacked flavor. It doesn’t mean it was bad, it just didn’t live up to the expectations that I had created for it.  From what I am hearing, many people feel the same way. 

For the uninitiated, Suicide Squad is about a group of super powered, skilled and crazy villains who are in maximum security prisons for various crimes. Amanda Waller, a high level government agent who leads an organization called ARGUS, comes up with the idea of implanting bombs in the necks of the villains and sending them on Suicide missions to combat any foes that may threaten the USA. With the apparent death of Superman, which is covered in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Waller puts together her team to battle Enchantress, a magical being that is bent on destroying the planet. The Suicide Squad is composed of some second tier supervillains from DC comics, such as Deadshot an ace sharpshooter and weapons expert, Harley Quinn, the Joker’s deadly female vixen sidekick, Captain Boomerang, name speaks for itself, El Diablo, a fire demon, Killer Croc, a mutated human and Slip Knot a master of ropes and knots.  They are supervised by Rick Flag a Seal Team commander and Katana a sword wielding Samurai that would give Michonne pause.   The Joker also makes a few appearances, and I actually like the direction they are going with him.  Batman appears briefly as well, which is a nice way to build on the concept of a shared universe.

The concept of the Suicide Squad is awesome and the characters in the film are great, but the scripting needed some work, which led to a somewhat muddled story and plot.  Also DC continues to film its movies with a darker hue, which I can’t stand.  You can have dark movie characters and stories, but you don’t have to film it that way!  As with a lot of films this summer, this movie could have been great.  I like what DC is trying to do, but they just keep hitting what seems to be over the wall homeruns, but the balls keep falling short.  DC has some work to do if they want to rival Marvel movies, but I am willing to stick around to see them get it right!  If you really want to see a good Suicide Squad movie, check out the animated Batman: Assault on Arkham. Now that is a good movie!

Grade: C

Dad: C

Roshawn: C+

Kameron: B


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