Arrival Movie Review

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Arrival may seem like your typical aliens visiting Earth movie, and in some aspects it is, however, this film brings a fresh perspective and unique twist to the story that makes this movie very appealing.  This movie is intellectually stimulating, while also triggering an emotional resonance throughout.  Independence Day this movie is not. Arrival has more in common with Close Encounters of the Third Kind, then your average alien invasion of Earth movie.


Arrival chronicles not only humanities contact with aliens, but it focuses on a more personal story of Louise a language specialist who appears to be conflicted by events of her past. She uses these experiences to help her solve the riddle of trying to translate and understand the complex language of the aliens that have visited Earth in twelve locations around the globe. 


When the aliens arrive, the United States and various countries attempt to establish communication, but when you are attempting to learn a language, especially an alien one, miscommunication can not only hinder progress, but lead to some tense situations.


Arrival is a very good movie that will open your eyes to a different way of potentially viewing your life. 


Grade: A



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