N.K. Jemisin: Author Extraordinaire!

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N.K. Jemision has been around for a few years now, but she is the hottest fantasy novelist in the world today, consistently churning out deep, complex and world building fantasy novels that explore cultural worlds and stories that are outside the norm.  Her stories don’t focus on traditional Eurocentric medieval epics, but rather they investigate the realms that are often ignored in adventure tales, which gravitate towards characters and locales that are reminiscent of Africa and the Middle East.

She currently has three awesome series published, which I have had the pleasure to read, The Inheritance Trilogy, Dream Blood and the Broken Earth stories.  The Inheritance Trilogy, tells the story of a young girl who lives in a world where man has the power to enslave gods. She tries to determine where she fits in this world of all powerful gods who serve the whims of man, but who are on the verge of reclaiming their status of true gods and reverse their standing in the world.  The Dream Blood books tells the stories of a place where man can manipulate dreams, and can use the power of dreams as magic to heal or kill in the real world. One man who serves as a Gatherer of dreams is at a crossroads of faith as he tries to avert a war between two different kingdoms.  The final series Broken Earth tells the tale of a world where certain people have the power to manipulate the earth and cause earthquakes, which have ostracized them in the world and have marked them for death or to be controlled by the ruling bodies of the world.  This story marks a woman’s journey to overcome these obstacles while saving the planet from an impending disaster.

All of N.K. Jemisin’s books are full of rich culture, fascinating traditions, relationships and characters, and they have plenty of action. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, or the Wheel of Time, then you will find these books to be quite enjoyable, without the difficult task of trying to memorize the names of hundreds of characters that you will find in the above mentioned books.   Give her a chance!


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