My top 10 Hottest Christian Rappers burning up the mics!

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I grew up in the era of rap, from the Sugar Hill Gang, Run DMC, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane to the growth of gansta rap with NWA, Cube, to the lyrical excellence of NAS, JAY Z, Biggie and PAC, to the mythical beats and style of the WU.  I love rap/hip hop, but I as I grew older and tried to carry on my Christian walk, it was harder and harder to listen to. Then I was introduced to Christian rap by a friend and neighbor (Ernie Watkins), and my musical world changed.  When I first was exposed to Christian rap, I thought the beats were weak and the production values were poor, but present day Christian rap is bringing their A game and coming out with music and lyrics that rival if not surpass many mainstream rappers! I am not going to lie and say I don’t occasionally dabble in some old school and main stream rap, but I am working on my transition into full scale Christian rap.  Right now my Christian rap playlist boasts over 300 songs! Here are my top 10 favorite Christian rappers with some of my favorite cuts.

  1. Bizzle- You, I am a Christian, God Over Money Cypher 2.0
  2. Lecrae- Gravity, Gangland, Misconception[audio
  3. Andy Mineo- Death of Me
  4. Brvdon P- What you get, Off the Record
  5. Eshon Burgundy- The Garden
  6. Braille- Deep Rest, Too Many Tomorrows
  7. Flame- On that Cross, Uh Oh
  8. Da’Truth- GOAT
  9. S.O.- Lamentations, Memoirs
  10. Derek Minor- Sweet Dreams

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