The Great Wall Movie Review

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The Great Wall is a creative and colorful film chronicling one of the many mythical legends of the reasons why the Great Wall of China exists. In this tale, a westerner named William is traveling with a number of companions to the East to trade for or steal, the mythical substance called black powder, which would give them power and wealth beyond their dreams if they can get it safely back to Europe. While fleeing from bandits, they are captured by a large army arrayed in colorful and stunning uniforms that is occupying the Great Wall of China. They soon discover that this army is preparing to battle against an overwhelming mass of legendary monsters that appear every sixty years.  When the battles break out, William has to decide if he is going to satisfy his quest for the black powder, or defend humanity against an ancient foe.


The Great Wall’s story is rather simple, but the visual aesthetics, aerial, acrobatic and creative fighting methods the Chinese army uses against the monster hordes is creative, fun and definitely worth watching in 3D if you are into these types of movies.   The monsters or dragon type creatures aren’t just run of the mill monsters either, which was a pleasant surprise because after I watched the trailers, I thought the film could get redundant rather quickly. The Great Wall won’t be a blockbuster, and it is pretty straightforward, but it was an enjoyable adventure tale that you can watch during a matinee at the movies or at home snuggled up on the couch.


Grade: B



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